How to Handle Customers on Telephone

The call center constitutes the heartbeat of an organization’s customer care efforts. Agents play a critical role in ensuring business success. How agents deal with consumers greatly influences an organization’s fortunes and it is only when call center operators are able to uniquely perform their roles that they can be distinguished from answering services provided by automated answering software.


A study revealed that most people prefer speaking with live representatives rather than receiving services from automated answering machines. The study also revealed that how operators handle clients from the beginning of a call to the end can influence a company’s relations with its clients positively or negatively. Customer service staffs need to be masters of phone manners. How agents handle telephone calls and phone manners are very important factors in customer relations.


How an inbound call is received can influence the success of a customer-agent conversation. Agents should be to clearly demonstrate how different they are from automated answering services. Start out on a positive note—those first few seconds set the tone for your entire conversation.


Once a conversation starts on a positive note, the agent has to ensure that it continues successfully and satisfactorily till the end. An essential element for ensuring this is effective listening. The first technique is to listen for the central idea and to concentrate on what they are saying to you or listen between the lines. It is important for an agent to remain calm, unemotional and enthusiastic during a conversation irrespective of how provocative a customer may be. Agents need to ignore disruptions or uncomfortable surroundings, ask questions, respond to questions with short messages, repeat or paraphrase messages and try to visualize the customer’s problem.


Ending a telephone call can seem to be a simple matter. Yet, when it comes to customer satisfaction, you need to place as much emphasis on concluding a telephone call as you do on your initial greeting. There is a need to maintain the positive and friendly attitude with which a call was received. It is important to use the customer’s name, review plans of action, offer a further assistance, thank the customer for calling and finally making sure that the consumer is finished and hangs up before the agent does. When these tips are followed, calls from customers can always be ended positively and successfully.


In the field of business, consumers are the most important people and call center representatives need to know how to effectively handle calls from the point of receiving, the conversation process and how to end positively. It is when these phone manners are mastered that there can be a difference between agents and answering machines or software.

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