How to Increase TeleSales

The vast majority of training solutions focus on skills and tactics such as complaint handling, empathy, tone, etc. There really is no substitute for speaking to someone one-on-one since it’s the ultimate personalization tool. However, leading call centers operate differently from the rest. These are some tips on how to increase effectiveness in selling over the phone.


1. More days of sales training

Many companies understandably allocate 3 to 6 weeks training on product knowledge and compliance issues as part of the induction process but only one or two days to sales skills. This is great, but increasing initial sales skills training to increase the weighting of good sales is better.


2. Recruit smartly and hire more “salesy” customer service staff

Ensure that recruiters are skilled at extolling the virtues of a customer service role that requires sales orientation as opposed to purely emphasizing the importance of a willingness to sell..


3. Include team leaders in agent training sessions

This makes it easier for them to reinforce learning as they have witnessed reactions to training of new techniques and can formulate the best ways to deal with these reactions in their normal working environment.


4. Be patient and pilot new sales campaigns

It’s important to be patient when trying new processes and techniques out, as well as looking for quick wins. When piloting new approaches, processes, training, etc. use a reasonable-sized pilot group so that you can truly establish what is working and what is not working.


5. Get the website right

A new breed of customer has emerged. They’ll check you out online before they even think about doing business with you.  While it’s critical your website succeeds in attracting their attention , service availability is crucial in retaining this and converting it into a successful transaction.


6.  Make sure all the information is available in the system

Make sure the system used by the call center agent is set up to automatically display offers that are relevant to the customer, based on historical data and other criteria, at the right point in the conversation. This way, the agent can focus on engaging with the customer and explaining the benefits of the offer clearly and effectively to make the offer more attractive to the customer because it’s relevant to them and well presented.


7. Communicate well and make sure customers can hear what you are trying to sell

When making a sales call ensure that the caller can clearly hear what your sales representative has to say. Invasive background noise can seriously detract from a positive customer experience.


8. Keeps calls short and to the point

A short sales call that explains the purpose of the call and the product or service on offer in a concise way is much more likely to lead to a sale.


9. Drive sales through service

By implementing an information system, you can give your agents an intelligent, contextual view of the customer, and of your corresponding products and offers.  This gives the agents, the best sales tool, the knowledge that they need to answer questions and enable them to act on all available opportunities to sell.


10. Actively pursue lost sales

Put a process in place to identify and contact customers with the aim of recovering lost sales. First, it’s crucial to identify where potential customers fall off, and then rectify the problems identified in the analysis. Second, time is of the essence. Whether using Email, SMS, or phone calls, vast majority of customers need to be called ASAP, otherwise they’ll buy elsewhere or lose interest in the product.


11. Customers need help

Offer the customer as many options as possible to get help or information on the products and service you offer like telephone numbers, Call back buttons, instant messenger, email, FAQ’s page. If you do offer assistance to customers, make sure the resource is there to offer timely, relevant and comprehensive help.


12. Be transparent, especially with pricing

Ensure all prices or costs are visible to the customer as early as possible in the buying process. ‘Hidden costs’ is the number one reason for customers to back away because it may seem underhand and implies you have something to hide. Adding costs late in the process such as unjustified delivery cost, tax, processing fees, or other charges is an absolute no-no, as is offering confusing payment terms.

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