Awesome Outsourcing Opportunities in the Philippines

It is clear that Philippines is now very much on the global map for outsourcing.

Call centers actually began in the Philippines as plain providers of email responses and managing services. Now, the Philippines is becoming a regional and global hub for shared corporate backroom operations, especially for financial services such as accounting and bookkeeping, account maintenance, accounts receivable collection, accounts payable administration, payroll processing, asset management, financial analysis and auditing, management consulting, inventory control and purchasing, expense and revenue reporting, financial reporting, tax reporting, and other finance-related services such as financial leasing, credit card administration, factoring and stock brokering; as well as for logistics management, and cargo shipment management. The call center industry comprises 80% of the outsourcing industry in the country. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is seen as one of the drivers that would secure the Philippines the position of being the top destination of choice for ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) services.


The recent growth spurt in the outsourcing industry in the Philippines has been fueled not by traditional low-value-added call centers but more higher-end outsourcing such as legal services, Web design, medical transcription, software development, animation, and shared services. Though call centers still form the largest part of the sector, the Philippines has begun leveraging its creative design talent pool, its large pool of lawyers, and its professionals in accounting and finance.


Design work is another place where Filipinos have and edge. Filipino animators do well in the global market for animation, which is growing due to the increasing popularity of animation as an entertainment medium, not just in cable TV and the movies but also in computer games; as well as an advertising medium; a graphics medium for Internet content; and an information and educational tool. Major studios like Disney, Marvel, Warner Brothers and Hanna Barbera have offices in the Philippines. Some of the works of Filipino animators include scenes in Pixar’s “Finding Nemo”, Hanna Barbera’s “The Flintstones Christmas Carol”, Paramount Picture’s “Barnyard” and Twentieth Century-Fox’s “Anastasia”.


A lot of multi-national companies prefer to outsource their services in the Philippines because Philippines as a country offers a unique talent pool for outsourcing services in customer service, technical support, financial, legal as well as design services. It has lesser operational and labor costs, as well as an English-speaking workforce. English is one of the two official languages in the country so it is a major subject in all educational levels. In addition, as an ex-American colony, there is cultural affinity and the legal system is based on U.S. law. So, with its excellent telecommunications infrastructure and its pool of superior talent, the Philippines is at a good position to accommodate all the demands of outsourcing.


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