Developing Partner Relations through Outsourcing

Developing Partner Relations through OutsourcingDevelop partner relations. Personal involvement and close relationships with your business partners are the greatest sales forces ever, often underestimated in the outsourcing business.  Commit yourselves, don’t be greedy to devote enough of your time and soul power to your partners. It’s not just business, it’s your future after all!

Being guided with the outsourcing trends will improve your dealings with your outsourcing partners. Start now and check this outline for possible outsourcing trends for the nearest future.


Outsourcing Business Globalization

The number of the countries offering effective outsourcing services is rising. By recent, India and China have been the main outsourcing destinations. However, recently the countries of Philippines, Eastern Europe, Brazil and Mexico have joined the outsourcing race and now are considered very serious competitors of India and China. The growing number of the players on the global outsourcing market inevitably leads to the narrower specializations of outsourcing. This specialization will help smaller players distinguish themselves on the global outsourcing market.


Personal Offshoring (P2P offshoring)

Offshoring is normally associated with big and middle-size businesses. The new trend in outsourcing evolves person-to-person offshoring, when outsourcing services are provided by individuals. Often these services are associated with freelance services or those of small starter businesses. Such services don’t require great team engagement and can be done by a single or just a few professional/s. These services may include but not limited to Web design, Web creation and maintenance, SEO, Copywriting, editorial and translation services, Online tutoring services, Sales, and Marketing services.


Outsourcing Services Integration

More and more businesses prefer to work with outsourcing companies that offer complete packages of outsourcing services.That helps prevent from spreading different isolated businesses tasks to several offshoring companies. Thus, the prioritized companies will be those that can deliver all aspects of outsourced processes in one service package. Web development is the simple example. As a rule, IT outsourcing companies that specialize on web-sites creation also provide web-design services, maintenance and SEO for their clients. And companies providing technical support are also likely to provide customer service.


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