Telemarketing Best Practices

Telemarketing Best PracticesIn the present market trend, there is an important need for constant improvement in customer/client communication.  Emerging of new competition, advertising and strategic marketing schemes are some of the obstacles and challenges each telemarketing company faces.  What follows are some tips to keep telemarketers up and ready in the battle field.


Always prepare for each call carefully.

Keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to make a great first impression over the phone.  Aim on grabbing the attention of the client/customer rather than anticipate a rejection, that way you can build up your chances of keeping the customer/client interested on what you have to offer.


Be courteous and polite.

Keep in mind that you are a selling professional.  You should be able to provide the kind of respect that you yourself expect to receive from your clients and customers


Keep your workplace tidy and free from clutter. 

A clean and organized environment will help you concentrate on your calls.



You may want to keep a mirror in front of you so you can see if you are losing that smile.


Practice makes perfect.

Warm up is important, it helps you prepare mentally and physically.


Have a daily goal. 

Monitor your progress. In order for you to reach big, you have to start small.


Determine your best-selling time.

Do your research and learn from your experience.  These are the hours your customers/clients are most accessible and are most responsive to your efforts.  Don’t let the opportunities go to waste.


Make a call guide to keep you on track in every call.  

But avoid reading it when talking to a customer/client.


Be creative.  

Don’t limit yourself on the phone.  You may use other materials such as online catalogs and follow-up emails.


Be aware on how well you are at getting through to the key decision makers. 

This will help you determine which areas in your calling strategy needs improvement.


In general, be attentive and practice empathy to discover how your product can satisfy the needs of your customer/client.


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