The Dynamics of Telemarketing

Today, telemarketing campaigns is one of the most common form of direct marketing practiced by businesses. Despite some negative connotations, telemarketing has become extremely valuable to companies with its ability to generate leads, increase revenue, and successfully conduct market research.

Outbound telemarketing is a great way to generate leads and increase sales for your business to reach out and send a specific message to many companies in a short period of time. Business to business, or b2b, telemarketing is the process where a business reaches out to other businesses either to generate leads, or in an attempt to sell a particular product or service. With dozens of telemarketers working at once, a B2B telemarketing company will allow you to make thousands of calls in a relatively short time period. Aside from selling, B2B telemarketing companies also offer (a) appointment setting service, and (b) event booking service.


Appointment Setting 

Ever wonder what an appointment setting service could do for your business? It could probably provide more benefit that you originally believed, as it is a great way to set up meetings with qualified leads. If your business were to hire a telemarketing company, they could take your call list and call each individual or company on it. From these conversations, your telemarketing company can determine who fits the criteria for what your business is looking for, and then set up an appointment with them. This will save your business time and money from having to interview each prospect and weeding out those who do not fit the mold. Save your business both time and money and focus on the leads that will help your business.


Event Booking

Is your company participating in a large upcoming event such as a conference or seminar? If so, your employees are most likely busy trying to prepare for the occasion. So why increase their workload by having them contact people to attend such an event? A much better option would be to hire a telemarketing company to make calls around the clock informing people of the event, and taking appointments if necessary. While your employees are focusing their full attention to make this event run as smooth as possible, your hired telemarketing company can make sure that people are informed about the event. Not only will this save your employees time, but it will also lessen their stress as well. Not only that, a telemarketing company will most likely have the manpower and resources to reach out to more potential participants than your business itself. So make sure people attend the event you prepared so long for by finding an event telemarketing company today!.


JuneSpring Contact Solutions have a proven track record in several multiple industries . Not only that, we can generate own call lists for your company if you can’t  provide one yet. We see to it that the telemarketer assigned for your company, already has experience in your particular niche. We will work with you to generate call guidelines, as well as listen to the specifics of your particular product. We make sure we provide you the best qualified telemarketers to handle your outbound telemarketing services. We house well trained telemarketers that can make thousands of calls in much less time that it would take your business. These calls are great for generating leads, generating sales, and even conducting market research.


Congratulations! You have found JuneSpring Contact Solutions. Everyday we assist our clients to run any telemarketing campaign, whether inbound or outbound. Complete customer satisfaction is our main concern, so you can be assured that we possess the experience, equipment, and software that is so crucial to successful telemarketing campaigns. Successful telemarketing campaigns have been directly attributed to increases in sales.


If your business is contemplating running its own telemarketing campaign, we ask that you strongly reconsider. Telemarketing is a very competitive industry, being as it is the  most common form of direct marketing practiced today. With so much competition, any telemarketing campaign that is being run without the expertise of a professional is bound to get lost in the dust. Employees of telemarketing companies are well versed and know just how to interact with strangers over the phone. While your employees may be great at what they do, they most likely will not produce the results that professional telemarketers do. In short, telemarketing is best left to the professionals.


Let us here at JuneSpring Contact Solutions save your business both time and money purchasing equipment and training employees to run a telemarketing campaign. For those looking to boost performance through a telemarketing campaign, a professional telemarketing company is your best option. You and your employees have enough to worry about. Make life easier and let a professional telemarketing company run your campaign, today.


June Spring Contact Solutions provides superior results in an all-inclusive spectrum of business process outsourcing services such as finance and accounting, customer care, technology solutions, research and analytics and sales and collection operations. For more information, you may contact us at 408 600 2621 for USA and 08 6102 5588 for Australia or email at

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