Philippine VS. Indian Contact Center Facilities

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Philippines has formally overpowered India in call center and voice related jobs as of these days, and wondering how that happened?

Philippines was for 48 years colonized by the US so there is a powerful likeness and knowledge towards the United States lifestyle and many people from the Philippines now reside in USA as well.

What is more, English is used in the training and learning system and is commonly verbal among Filipinos. And Philippines produces a large number of English Speaking Graduates each year.

Filipino officials visited India to see for themselves and research if why Contact Center is such a big one in India. When they came back to the Philippines, they rationalized the acceptance process for the establishing up of call centers and modified their guidelines to allow individual buildings to become special economic zones offering tax breaks, fast clearances for permits and exemptions from import duties for necessary IT and Telco devices. Moreover, a government-sponsored program through TESDA was designed to enhance the English and interaction abilities of students who wish to work in the market.

Philippine senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago said she would file a measure to further jump-start support for the BPO industry and its employees plus she advised other law makers to come up with regulations that would assist this so-called “booming sunshine industry” in the nation.

Philippines has a lot more young workforce than those of India.

To review, Philippines has formally overtaken the Contact Centers from India by implementing a lot of things and by still bending literacy through the market as we talk. But in the opposite we are still far behind by a few factors from India on IT and software relevant tasks since India produces about nearly 500, 000 IT graduates each year. In short, Philippines has overtaken India in call centers, however it continues to be far behind in more innovative outsourcing services.

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