Developing Metrics that Matter to You

Developing Metrics that Matter to YouOne of the common concerns with regards to metrics in Customer Service is the Market Standards.  But does that really matter?

Too many times, we get in touch with contact center companies trying to fit their company into what their Top Management believe they should be, without looking at the bigger picture of what it CAN be. Almost all contact centers are going to look at their metrics in different ways; and yet those particular metrics impact them all in a different way.

One of the greatest difficulties a contact center may experience is basically being able to be honest with about what they can and cannot achieve. Not every company has the same fundings,  or the same business model, or same requirements.

An excellent example could be a federally funded call center. At some point, they experienced that their authority was looking to have an SLA within “industry standards”. After making an effort trying to decrease their average speed of response and average talk-time to get to where they desired to be, eventually they realized that what they were asking was unrealistic or even not really what they desired. This led them realizing; an 80/20 SLA is basically not realistic for them, and is generating towards low excellent ratings, disappointed clients, and toughest of all, greater than normal attrition rate.

With all these things said, we can say that it’s important to determine metrics that really matter for our company. Increasing the SLA to an achievable goal and then working to enhance it gradually, will enhance agents’ job satisfaction and will help reduce the cost of hiring and training new employees. It could mean not having “industry standard” SLA’s, but Have metrics that are measurable, obtainable, and that eventually could further the goals of the contact center.

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