The 5 Greatest Challenges for Call Center Managers

The call center is one of the world’s most demanding work environments, and I’m stunned it did not make CareerCast’s most backbreaking job’s  list. Having to deal with upset clients, tight shift schedules, penny-pinching top management, and super high expectations are just some of the things that makes it so terrible.

Undoubtedly not for the emotionally vulnerable, some call center managers have the elegance and tenacity to handle the excessive stress and create a technique that is very pleasing to clients without going above diminishing budgets, a truly amazing task.

Listed below are the 5 biggest challenges managers face in the call center:

1. Agent Recruitment and Retention
Cited as the greatest challenge by nearly all respondents, the call center is well known for being a difficult place to work, and makes gaining and retaining quality customer service support associates a tough task.

2. Doing More with Less
Unfortunately, call centers are still considered as cost facilities by most executives. It’s a constant battle as managers are required to maintain support levels despite budget reductions.

3. Reporting
With so many systems and technology rising and introduced in most contact center companies, getting precise and consistent reporting presents a heavy challenge.

4. Increasing Customer Expectations
Higher client expectations, influenced by social media sites such as Twitter and stiffer business competition, has made it even more difficult to satisfy callers.

5. Results of Bad Experiences are Magnified
When clients are checked off from a bad phone support encounter, they respond in ways that can be terrible to a business’s reputation. is a Twitter-based site that tracks a large number of customer complaints related to hold times.

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