Top 3 Reasons Clients Dislike Your Contact Center

Top 3 Reasons Clients Dislike Your Contact CenterThe telephone is the most popular method for customer service. 69% of US customers still use the telephone for customer service support. In this stage of instant gratification, expectations are much higher which makes customers difficult to please. Clients are acquainted to more options, greater control, and a worldwide reach to tell others what they think about the way company treats them.

Calling any call center is a known customer’s agony, so let us check three of the greatest reasons and what you can do about them.

1. Phone Menu Hell

The issue with phone menu selection, aka IVRs (interactive voice response), is that people hate speaking with a robotic. Phone callers want to speak to a live person, not a frustrating phone menu. Long instructions are distressing and a badly designed phone menu can drive people to be:

1. Extremely angry by the time they reach an agent

2. Disappointed enough to zero-out (repeatedly pushing ’0′), expecting to get connected to anyone

3. Upset to the point of hanging up, then rushing to social media sites to complain

This is a lose-lose situation for both the client and the company. IVR Menu Tips is a great source for those of you seeking advice and best methods.

2. Hold Times

American consumers have lost over 60 million valuable hours waiting on hold. The average American’s lifetime is roughly 683,806 hrs (78 years old) – that is 88 life lived and lost!

Are hold times a monster to our most valuable investment – time? Yes. Are customers ticked off about that? You bet. It’s human instinct to want to get things done right away.

Social media  channels are pushing with furious customers who air out their discomforts. Consumers have nothing to worry and are very open about discussing and labeling the company they are on hold with and the length of  time they’ve been waiting. This information will NEVER be removed. It is forever on in the online world. I think it’s safe to believe that this could have a negative impact on a business reputation.

3. Repeating Information

According to a 2009 UK Study Performed by YouGov, 69% of participants said they were frustrated when requested the same information after being routed to another agent.

Blame company silos as the root cause for this frustration. Because call centers refuse to centralize all of their systems, a complete customer info view is not available to agents.

Customers couldn’t care less about contact center systems. They want fast and efficient service. In fact, 76% of adults interviewed said that it only takes one distressing contact center experience for them to take their business elsewhere.

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