Why You Should Take Care the Customer Experience

A business reputation is based on the customer experience. Solving or preventing problems is just half the formula; interacting with customers is the other half. Customer service support is as essential, if not more essential than the immediate resolution of the problem.

An important part of the customer experience is people. Your employees must have the necessary products or service knowledge, excellent customer service skills, and the means of interacting directly with clients. It is not just the technical support services; it’s the customer experience. Communication skills matters.

Price will always be essential in a client’s purchase decision, but “ best  customer service support ” is the biggest reason clients do business with a company.

The experience  you offer your clients is your brand. You might think to yourself, “Hey, I’ve only lost two clients in the last three years. Overall, my clients are pleased with my service.” Typically, technical support clients are not prone to leave—but does that mean you have a pleased customer, a great reputation – or both? Does that mean your customer would recommend you to other companies? Don’t bank on it. Just because a customer remains, does not mean they are happy.

Customers who are not happy:

•             Stay with you until a better alternative comes up

•             Become cost sensitive

•             Openly grumble about your service to expert associates

•             Look for ways to limit the services you provide

Note: Poor customer experience result in an approximated $83 Billion dollars loss by US businesses each year because of defections and discontinued purchase.

Even if you’ve had a customer for many years and have a close relationship with the management, you are not safe. Personal connections are essential and professionals have an established responsibility but at the end of the day, they will assess your company on the business service you give.

Customers who are extremely pleased become devoted and will:

•             Never leave you for a competitor

•             Pay higher prices for your services

•             Refer your solutions to other companies

•             Look for additional reasons to do business with you

These are the clients you want. Customer satisfaction is not difficult if you offer excellent customer service and give the customer something to be amazed of.

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