5 Essential Facts on Customer Service for Call Centers

Due to vast changes in technology, social media and consumer behavior, only the best businesses can sustain as the customer service expectations continue to arise. Providing best customer service support results to customer’s loyalty and ultimately higher profits.

In order to succeed with this challenge, here are the 5 important customer service statistics that will guide you to moving your strategy forward. It ranges from interaction channel preferences, customer expectations, consumer attitudes towards the current state of support, and contact center priorities.

1. What Consumers Think About The Current Standing of Customer Service
In a survey, only 26% of consumers believed that customer service centers provide great support while 49% of them did not. This clearly denotes the challenge on this industry when it comes to customer service.

However, it generates a perfect opportunity for organizations to step up to the plate through providing better services.

2. How Customers Want to Communicate
80% of consumers prefer talking to an agent on the phone, which poses a financial challenge for organizations because it is by far the most expensive channel to support.

The range of channel preferences highlights the need for best outsourcing company that could provide multi-channel service options. This is a difficult undertaking to do right, and may explain low customer satisfaction with customer service as a whole.

3. Shift in Significance Level of Contact Center Metrics
Customer satisfaction should be on the priority list. For me, it is the most important metric in a truly customer-centric organization. It was two years ago when the first call resolution and answer speed were at a low level but for now, they become significantly more important. These only indicate that consumer demands affect the shift in metrics.

4. How to Become an ‘Excellent’ Contact Center
As a customer service leader you should know how your customer defines excellence. Quick connection with an agent and prompt issue resolution are the two factors that should be addressed.

5. Rising Call Center Technologies
The contact center industry is experiencing a growth in innovative new technologies. As a result, technologies influence the changing demands and preferences of customers. Since, innovations of new technologies continue to grow rapidly, with the help of its capabilities then it will serve as the best way for contact center companies to gain a competitive edge.

Based on a research, consumers strongly prefer the telephone channel and having their issue resolved quickly. Accordingly, there are 27% of the respondents are extremely likely to use intelligent call-back technology, for it eliminates hold times in call centers. Moreover, Smartphone applications and video aren’t far behind due to evolving global trends.

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