Call Center VS. Customer Center

Have you experienced a negative “call center” experience? There are some instances that you call a company with a valid complaint or question, but put on hold several times, often receive a cold, and impersonal response. We later find out that the person taking our calls is unhelpful, and doesn’t even care what are our concerns all about. Where in fact, they should look for another ways to accommodate our concerns for they are dealing with customers.

The term call center has some negative connotations. It is stereotyped and impersonal. It is the place where you send everyone, whether they are calling with complaints, questions, or a customer service support matter. Most think it’s a dead-end job rather than as an effective solution. And it affects many call center workers in dealing with customers for they feel less connected to the business and its customers.

A call center is a channel for the voice of the customer, a significant part of a business and not just a dead end. You must have to use call center differently in order to achieve best results. This means that you must have to think and give importance to the people who are calling you for they are a great number that needs to be reached and processed as fast as possible, and they are real customers who are able to think, feel and with real thoughts.

Contact solutions provider will do what clients instruct them to do. Direct them to focus on minimizing costs and they’ll do it. But if you’ll consider your loyal customer base or prospective client base, answering a certain number of calls per hour or per day is just not enough. Strategic use of a call center can be the most powerful and long term asset in an organization. Putting the right people on the phone would let you grow your business.

Call center is responsible for interacting with, and effectively engaging with people on the phone in two way interactions. It is the richest marketing medium that enables to connect a business with its potential customers. It should fully embody the culture of the company and reflect it on every call. Ultimately, call center should act as the voice of the company, and serve customers, not just process calls. There lies the big difference between the two.

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