Is Traditional Customer Service Still Effective?

We may be aware that people are usually dissatisfied with the customer service support they receive from the companies which they do business with. Studies show that most of the people didn’t get the kind of service they think they deserve. Complaints include not being able to find answers on company Web sites, and also not being able to speak with a knowledgeable company representative.

Considering the many electronic devices in the market today, there is a greater frustration with the inability to actually “show” an agent the problem or issue. In order to enrich the customer’s experience and to increase profits, agents should see to it that they assist customers using proven Web technologies.

As of now, industries focus on how to improve the customer experience. Most often, social media has lifted the veil to expose a gap between a company’s marketing claims and the true quality of their products and service delivery. With the influence of social media, customers no longer stay in silence; instead they come out to complain and warn others about unethical practices, and poor customer service. Trend is, customers are willing to patronize the companies that provides an exceptional customer experience.

Based on a recent study participated by the contact center decision makers, it appears that business interest in social media services is high across industries.  A richer customer experience, eventually drives profits. Providing best customer service support, driving more sales and customer loyalty are some of the benefits that are sought from social media support.

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