Customer Satisfaction: Contact Center’s Lifeline

Customer Satisfaction: Contact Center’s LifelineMost of us are familiar with the game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” that offered a lifeline to its participants to help them with challenging questions. The concept was for the contestant to contact their wittiest buddy, and see if they could help them in their pursuit to take home $1 million. How awesome it would be to have a lifeline into the contact center to help you with challenging concerns. And yes, you can. Through online customer surveys.

There was an occasion when customers were less crucial and vocal if they weren’t completely pleased with a business. This is not the situation these days.

Today, clients are becoming more demanding, less tolerant and very crucial when not having their demands met.

In the past, the options available on where and whom to transact and buy from with was limited. The control belonged to the business owners, and customers had nowhere else to go and therefore customer service support was not that essential.

Now, customers have many options. Consequently, the power has now moved to the customer. If they experienced you not fulfilling their expectations, they will basically look for another company that will.

What is the most effective resource in your company and a key component to guaranteeing your company success? YOUR CUSTOMERS!

In present times, the best way to know what your customer’s think and experience about your company and the assistance they get from you is to conduct a brief survey.

And it does not end there. You also need to make sure you evaluate the information gathered, apply fixes needed, and returning with your customers providing them the best customer service support to let them know you are considering them and creating changes based on their comments and suggestions.

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