Proper Recruitment: First Step to Performance Improvement

Proper Recruitment: First Step to Performance Improvement Having excellent procedures in place is not the only starting point to have good results in your contact center. Appropriate hiring and training team is needed to make sure your staff is ripe for the operations.

Seeing job posts such as “College Level or High School Diploma” are very common, and “must have prior contact center experience”. Then it’s just going around in circle from there, agents get employed that really are not equipped and qualified, who then later become managers because they are just “good” call center agents.  At this point you just have a pattern of performance issues.

For instance,  when the position requires a sales experience. It should identify the qualifications of a sales agent: efficient listening skills, effective speaking skills, empathetic, persuasive, a challenger, consultative.

An experienced sales agent may have these abilities, but having sales experience, does not mean they have any of the expertise described above.

As you are planning your staffing specifications and start hiring, take a careful strategy to the skills you really need in your team. Be truthful with yourself and with your staff – and provide as much information as possible  about the qualifications. You will be rewarded with a more structured recruiting process, better agents and managers, and eventually be the best outsourcing company in the industry.

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