Customer Service Perfect for Mobile Users

Customer Service Perfect for Mobile UsersThe prevalence of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices is on the rise, and the customer service industry must adapt to this new way of doing business. A recent survey found that about 57% of customers are likely to use a smart phone app for customer service. That’s a growing number that your contact center can’t afford to ignore.

So is your company equipped with an easy-to-use mobile app that meets customer needs? Even though many contact center companies are jumping on the mobile app bandwagon, the majority are not designed to be seamlessly integrated with call center operations. Among the flood of mobile apps for self service, few offer direct conduits to contact centers. Bridging the gap between your app and your contact center is an opportunity to differentiate your business.

The first step is to design an app that improves the mobile user’s experience. Or if you already have one, evaluate its functionality. Can users do everything on the app that they want to do, including contact an agent quickly and easily if the need arises? Is there a self-service portal that actually answers user questions, or does it send them in an endless loop of browsing? The best way to answer these questions is to set up a focus group and watch actual users utilizing the app. Where and when did they get frustrated? Was it easy for them to navigate to customer service options? If not, back to the drawing board.

The next step is to watch the metrics of mobile app usage closely. Use reporting tools to discover what features customers are using, and what they aren’t. Are users downloading the app at all? If not, you may consider running an awareness campaign letting customers and prospects know what features are available with the app and how those features translate to a better customer service experience for them. Finally, equip your call center agents to respond to mobile app inquiries and integrate this into your center’s daily activities.

Make sure your customer service support team is staying current with mobile device users.

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