June Spring Contact Solutions’ BPO Advantages

June Spring Contact Solutions’ BPO AdvantagesSince it started, June Spring Contact Solutions continue to employ highly competitive call center techniques to be a forerunner of the contact center industry. Given the stern competition among Philippine call centers, it remains above the competition by utilizing the following methods:

Hands-on management team. While most firms rely on team leaders or mid-level managers to fix minute customer service and support issues, the executive management believes on a hands-on approach. Clients can call the upper management and they could resolve issues in as little as five minutes.

State-of-the-art Facilities. Security plays a vital part in call centers in the Philippines. To eradicate the misconceptions of data confidentiality, June Spring Contact Solutions employs stringent security measures designed to protect the privacy of Fortune 500 financial companies.

Boutique-type firm. June Spring Contact Solutions has a very customer-centric approach to customer service. By operating as a boutique-type firm, it offers highly customizable outsourcing solutions to help clients confront their business needs. It focuses on clients’ needs and ensure topnotch quality call center service.

Extensive screening & training processes. All its employees have to undergo rigorous screening processes. After going through a series of interviews, candidates have to be approved by one of the three founders before they can join the team. Aside from this, it offers continuous trainings for all employees, regardless of prior work experience. This ensures that its team remains competitive in the Philippine call center industry.

High-quality standards. June Spring Contact Solutions puts special emphasis on quality to produce employees who can provide excellent service. Apart from the meticulous screening process and constant training it provides to employees, it also has a non-revenue quality assurance team that constantly monitors and performs checks to ensure that its services are the best that they could be.

Located in a BPO hub. June Spring Contact Solutions operates in four metro cities in the Philippines. It taps the unmatched potential of Filipinos to provide exemplary call center service with significant cost savings.

June Spring Contact Solutions offers superior outsourcing solutions while helping you take advantage of significant cost reduction. It has first-rate technologies that ensure your security and a highly talented pool of workers who are dedicated to your success. Above all, it is committed to seeing you triumph over your business challenges. You can focus on your core competencies while it takes care of everything.

Contact us to know how June Spring Contact Solutions can help you with your outsourcing needs. Call us at (US) 408 600 2621 or (AU) 08 6102 2621. You may also check our website here. There is never any obligation until you have found the perfect solution for your business.

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