Ways To Improve The Customer Experience

Ways to Improve the Customer ExperienceEven though the end of the year is approaching, there’s still tons of time to discuss the 2013 tends in customer experience. The truth is that consumer expectations are continuously changing and organizations need to stay up to par. Most companies will use the customer experience as a way of keeping up with their peers, but smart companies will use it as a form of differentiation. Organizations that offer the best customer service support generate 60% higher profits than their competitors. However, a major pitfall for companies that fall behind is their lack of strategy, specifically keeping up with the trends that ultimately make or break the experience.

How important is the customer experience to your organization?
Improving the customer experience is an ongoing process, constantly changing and transforming how companies do business. Get thinking about which trends can benefit your organization by checking out below list of ways to improve customer experience.

Eliminate Hold Time. Respect your customers’ time. Connect callers to the right agent every time. No more zero-outs. Have scheduled call-backs wherein your callers choose a time that works best for them.

Lower Handle Time. Ask the right questions before the call to resolve concerns faster. This prepares the agents with the exact information they need. Always have a profile pass-through to save customers from repeating information from web and mobile sessions to the agents.

Protect Your Reputation. Eliminate major call center complaints and protect your reputation. Your call center can meet the expectations of demanding consumers if the customers can navigate your phone menu with one click.

Boost Productivity. Connect employees to your support center with one click and boost productivity. Protect your most valuable asset — your employees’ time. Free your employees from waiting on hold. Let them focus on what’s important.

Increase Sales. Offer an immediate call-back and get more visitors talking to your sales reps. Don’t let potential customers get away. Connect your visitors with a sales representative, when it matters most. Convert more visitors into customers. Offer them a phone call and close the sale.

Cloud Based. This makes the call center secure and scalable. Nothing to install. Be amazed at what your call center can do. You will be able to give your customers the service they expect … and deserve.

Instant Feedback. Get feedback from callers the moment they hang up. Find out what they really think. An integrated call survey is the easiest way to get feedback while it’s fresh. Post-call surveys provide greater insight into caller satisfaction.

Measurable ROI. Lower cost-per-call while improving the call center experience is very important. Deliver an immediate, measurable ROI by removing the costs associated with major call center complaints. Eliminate hold time for example reduces telco costs and caller frustration.

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