Integrating Customer Service

Integrating Customer ServiceIn the “complex ecosystem” of a modern call center; one of the challenges faced is the inconsistent integration across communication channels. The transactional history and customer histories are often unavailable and inconsistent” and “ninety percent of companies do not have full integration across all…interaction channels, which include phone, email, chat, and web-self service.

Take a look at your own contact center. Do your employees have access to the full range of customer information as well as any necessary or helpful product or corporate documentation? Is your information maintained in separate silos, making it difficult for customer service support to access it efficiently to best serve your customers?

The benefits of full integration are unmistakable. Agents with access to customer history can better understand the background and can more efficiently close the most recent contact.

Improved customer satisfaction – We’ve all been on the customer side of a conversation, where we find ourselves repeating the same information several times. Full integration reduces, or even eliminates, this need and thereby reduces frustration for customers.

Improved employee morale – Employees who are better equipped to do their jobs well will find more pride in their work. Additionally, any way to reduce customer frustration, or even anger, will improve a CSR’s day immensely!

Performance metrics – Agents will be able to more quickly close each customer contact because time will not be wasted rehashing information that has already been archived.

Overall, the entire process of integration would be much less frustrating (both for the customer and the agents) and more efficient, leaving to a much more satisfied customer.

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