The Goals Of All Customer Interactions

The Goals Of All Customer InteractionsWhen consumers interact with a customer service support, they have certain expectations. In most cases, companies do a good job of meeting these expectations.

Companies usually work to achieve the following goals and positively impact the consumers’ purchasing behavior. These goals are:

Make customers feel welcomed, important and comfortable: It’s important that customers are immediately given the feeling that the company associate is happy to help them and welcomes them as if they were welcoming them into their home. After all, in effect, any contact center or even store location is the “home” of the company.

Build a connection: One of the key ingredients to achieving customer loyalty is to build a personal connection. These are various ways to find some common areas to connect on a personal level.

Actively listen: Every consumer has an underlying emotion. They could be happy, disappointed, upset, frustrated, elated, etc. Listening to and acknowledging that emotion early on in the conversation sets the stage for a more meaningful dialog.

Further educate: Don’t just answer the consumer’s question. Provide further information over and above what the consumer might expect. When consumers receive supplemental data that is useful and relevant, their satisfaction with the overall transaction can dramatically improve.

Personalize the encounter: Listen to something personal the customer may have relayed during the initial dialog or email. For instance, they have a question about an ingredient because they just found out their child is allergic, mentioning something like…”it’s good you found out early that your child has an allergy” helps to personalize the dialog and gives the feeling to the customer that the representative sees them as a person first, a customer second.

Tailor the scripting to the appropriate loyalty type: Tailoring your messaging to the loyalty classification will make the customer feel more welcomed and will generate a higher percentage of repeat and loyal patrons.

Make the experience memorable: While it might be one of the more difficult goals to meet, these days customers do crave human interaction that leaves them with the feeling that the associates really does care about them. When the representative is patient, caring and provides detailed explanations with the opportunity for the customer to ask questions, customers remember and want to do business with your company again.

Invite the customer to “return”: It’s critical to leave the customer with the impression that your call or email was not a bother or an interruption, but that the representative thoroughly enjoyed helping the customer. Communicating to the customer that “you were so happy to help them today, and that you would love to help them in the future”, will leave them with the impression that the company wants them to return…and they will.

Trying to meet the above objectives will significantly impact the purchasing behavior of your potential or existing consumers. And while it’s true that some of these actions may increase the length of the transaction, it will be time well spent.

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