Phone-Based Customer Support Best Practices

Phone-Based Customer Support Best PracticesLanding a customer is only half the battle. Keeping the customer is the other half. One of the most influential factors driving customer retention is the quality of customer service support they provide. Providing top notch customer support will add incredible value to your company, increase brand awareness and help to turn new customers into loyal customers and evangelists.

Check below phone-based customer support best practices that will help propel your company to the top:

Hire the best team. Providing top notch customer service starts with hiring the best team. When your agents are well educated, experienced and love their job, they will be more effective at meeting the needs of the customer.

Train your team well. You must also make sure that they are trained well. This includes making sure they are proficient with using all of your business tools, fully understand your policies and procedures, are acculturated to your team and are proficient with handling many different customer support scenarios and customer types.

Invest in customer-focused technology. Call center software that is simple to use and integrates with all of your business systems can make a huge impact on the level of service that your agents provide to your customers. Customer information from all your business systems is integrated and displayed in one simple interface so your call center agents can provide more personalized interactions with your customers.

Be available. Providing excellent support means being available for your customers when they need it the most. This could mean providing 24/7/365 support, ensuring that you have enough support engineers and customer service reps to meet the demands of your customers and making sure that you have the technology necessary to answer all of their questions.

Be timely. The number one priority of customers when they call customer support is to have their problems solved quickly. The more capable your support team, the more effective they will be at answering support requests in a timely manner and the more satisfied your customers will be.

Give a direct line. When a customer needs to call back your company for any reason, allow your support agents to give them a direct line. This will save them valuable time and reduce frustration as they won’t have to enter IVR prompts, wait in a queue or talk with an agent that doesn’t know their history.

Be proactive. When a customer is complaining over chat, sent an email that is pretty discouraging or has given feedback on a survey that they are unhappy with your service, have your agents ask if they can call them. Making the effort to reach out and establish a personal connection shows that you care about them as a customer.

Set appropriate expectations. While your agents are discussing an issue with a customer, they should let the customer know how long they can expect it to take to be fully resolved. When you appropriately manage expectations, customers will appreciate being kept in the loop.

Follow up. With each customer support request that was more complex, you want to make sure that your agents are following up with the customer. When doing so, they should ask to make sure their problem was adequately solved, ask if they continue to experience any issues and allow the customer the opportunity to ask any questions.

Escalate issues when necessary. Some issues may seem simple, but once your agents dig a little deeper, they find that they are very complex. As soon as they realize that an issue is beyond their domain of expertise, they should think about whom on your team might be most capable of solving it, let the customer know that they are unable to solve their issue, explain that another team member is better trained to solve their issue and transfer the caller to that person. Customers will appreciate the honestly and that they are being transferred to someone with more experience with their issue.

When in doubt, ask for help. When one of your agents is truly stuck and doesn’t know what to do, they should contact a manager or a more senior customer service representative immediately. They should have the capabilities to chat with them while they are still on the phone with the customer, conference them in on the call, or be coached throughout the call without the customer knowing. This will help to expedite the problem solving process and enhance first call resolution.

Track performance. You should always have an understanding of how your team is performing. To do this, you must use call center software that measures KPIs such as average handle time, service level, average speed of answer, etc. You should also track first call resolution to make sure that your reps are sufficiently answering their customer’s questions the first time, without having to transfer the caller to another department. Tracking these metrics will go a long way in ensuring they are performing optimally.

Monitor and coach. In addition to tracking performance metrics, your call center managers should also monitor calls for quality assurance, and coach call center agents when necessary. With more advanced call center software they can listen in on live calls without the agent or customer knowing, give advice to the agent without the customer hearing and join a conference call. This functionality makes it simple to provide amazing customer support in the most efficient means possible.

Gain customer insight. In addition to measuring KPIs, you should also have procedures in place to survey the customers about your support process. Whether it is asking them to complete a survey after the call has finished, sending a follow up email with a survey, having each rep to ask the customer how the process has been so far, or a combination of the 3, you must make sure there is a clear and practical process in place.

These phone-based customer service best practices will go a long way in making sure that your team is providing amazing customer service. They can also help to propel your company to the front of your industry as a customer-centric company that treats their customers like family.

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