Philippine Outsourcing Companies Aim For Quality Manpower

Philippine Outsourcing Companies Aim For Quality Manpower Philippines is known as the best place for call center outsourcing, and the unchanging development of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry needs the country’s manpower to support this development.

Globally renowned as a call center hub, the Philippines is assumed to have call center applicants who gladly have proficiency in communication skills.

Philippines is recognized as the world’s third largest English-speaking country next to the US and UK, but the large number of Filipino jobseekers may not be sufficient to keep the country’s call center companies thriving.

According to the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP), it turns out that the call centers in Cebu and other towns are accepting fewer applicants. Out of 100 applicants, 95 of them are turned down.

The country can meet the required amount of workers needed by the call center businesses; what may be wanting, however, is the quality of the employees.

It is not the lack of demand for power that could cause the declination of the industry but the lack of expertise may be the reason, BPAP added.

Aside from the familiarity of the English language that could help the applicants. They also need the proficiency of the language, determine their ability, speed and accuracy, and computer literacy.

The country prides itself in staying competitive and maintaining high-quality outsourcing services.

To maintain the country’s status, BPAP applied the Global Competitiveness Assessment Tool (GCAT). This tool is used to check each applicant’s behavior, learning orientation, courtesy, empathy and reliability.

They chose GCAT to help the BPO businesses in the Philippines be more effective in selecting the best people for the outsourcing industry.

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