Guide to Successful Offshore GIS Data Management Services

Effective Offshore GIS Data Management ServicesOffshore Outsourcing is an increasingly important part of businesses in managing and maintaining GIS data to reduce cost, increase accuracy, and to respond immediately in business needs.

By assuring that the administrative controls are in place, even there are risks in any BPO operation, the capability and success of outsourcing services will significantly increase.

A business that is going to outsource business process shall comply this tips.

Arranged Contracts and Measured Performance

Arrange an agreement by defining and acceding the contracts and performance metric. Those should be specific, and tailored to your business data alone. In addition, ensure that the important data or attributes are clear, unambiguous and easy to measure.

The use of performance accompanying with the payment scheme prevents mistakes and gives businesses rapid admission to outsourced data.

Managing Data and Processes

Check and conform your existing GIS processes. Define clear, simple, complete and understandable data management guidelines and business rules so that it can easily be practiced and taught to others.

Furthermore, it manages data correctly, and lessen consumed time and expenses for any clarification request received from the outsourced operation.

Provide a lean, informed and empowered QA/QC function so you will have the confidence that the outsourced operation is performing as desired. Your QA/QC staff should be equipped with skill so that they can provide clear guidance to service providers and help with the transfer of detailed business knowledge.

Reachable Communication Channels Anytime

Clear and regular communication will increase knowledge transfer and improve the quality of the data received. Make an agreement for regular meeting with offshore teams. If possible, meet the service providers face-to-face because it is much effective for training and conveying business rules. If it’s expensive, try to meet per year and include it in the arranged contracts.

Success is established from clear management practices and processes. Try to follow these simple steps to keep long-term relationship with your best outsourcing company.

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