Considerations for a Better and Cost-effective Contact Center Performance

Considerations for a Better and Cost-effective Contact Center PerformanceWe consume, collaborate with and share endless amounts of information and data every day. We are a data hungry era with a considerable lot of our choices determined by data revealed on or derived from social channels, mobile devices and more. This applies to practically every discipline in business- from promoting and deals, to executive management, to engineering, supply chain and customer service operations.

Consider how number reports does your contact center create? What number of metrics do you track? Where does your contact center stand as far as first contact resolution, revenue-per-call and customer satisfaction ratio? Chances are you can answer these questions effortlessly. Anyway, while these metrics show what is occurring in your contact center, you have to comprehend the underlying reasons.

The following questions can help you maximize what you gather and gain more value from your regular service operations data.

  • What are the key long-term patterns identified with staff performance?

By recognizing trends in quality observing and agent effectiveness, the right data can give you with significant insight for enhancing service. You can mine your quality assessments to search for patterns in agent performance that have the most effect on customer satisfaction. Data analytics can additionally “auto-calibrate” supervisors by catching anomalies in quality scoring based on an entire set of assessments, instead of just one facilitated calibration session.

  • What are the actions that reduce efficiency?

Data analytics can look at all client interactions and data points connected with a metric to determine the major drivers of performance. Managers can recognize and implement the essential adjustments to both decrease average handle time, and eventually costs, while uplifting the customers experience based on the particular findings for each one group.

  • Which conditions are positive for cross-selling and up-selling?

By digging into data your organization already catches, you can mine your customer interactions to discover conditions that are great for up-selling and cross-selling, helping drive deals volumes.

  • What new ROI can drive performance upgrades?

By giving the root cause of your contact center metrics – along with estimates of the effect of corrective action – data analytics can make it less demanding for you to resolve the ROI of your findings. Outfitted with such insight, you can make a more key roadmap for more advanced and proficient contact center performance.

  • What are the call qualities that drive FCR?

Data analytics can help you look beyond the level of first contact resolution. With analytics, you can mine repeat customer interactions to discover the key reasons they call back. This can help you pinpoint process issues and different bottlenecks.

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