Ways to Effectively Delegate Your Virtual Assistant

4 Tips for Delegating to Your Virtual AssistantTo work with your Virtual Assistant effectively, you have to turn into an expert delegate. It seems like a basic thing to do however this is an enormous obstacle for some people and business owners.

The art of designation is key for business development and when done accurately, will save you time and money. Doing everything yourself exhausts and stresses you as well as cause you to miss important deadlines. It will restrain growth in your business as you then turn into the jack of all trades and wearer of multiple hats: – sales consultant, data entry and administration specialist, bookkeeper and business owner.

Here are a couple of thoughts on how to delegate effectively to your Virtual Assistant:

  • Know your Virtual Assistant

Trust is one of the biggest anxiety an entrepreneur may have with delegating to their VA. How would you trust crucial task with someone you’ve never even met? Fortunately, with the advancements in technology this does not have to be a problem.

  • Deal with your virtual assistant as partner, not employee

That is a vital qualification. In the event that you empower your assistant to be a part of your company, you’ll see greater results.

  • Choose what really needs to be done by you

It is expected that there will be tasks you basically prefer to do yourself, while others you are completely okay with providing for someone else. You could conceivably be surprised by the range of skills and undertakings a VA can handle for you.

  • Define and communicate

Remember that your virtual assistant is great at their job, yet not a mind reader. When delegating undertakings or projects, be sure that the goals, timeline, scope, and purpose are clearly defined. This enables the VA to discover the most efficient method for completing the tasks and that it is done exactly the way you need.

  • Give feedback

When you receive a status report Give feedback to your virtual assistant.  Your feedback will let your VA know that they are on the right or wrong track.  That way, any questions or concerns that need to be addressed can be fixed early on and decrease any rework.

  • Follow up

Follow up on projects and tasks, or decide how often you’d like your partner to follow up with you. Remember to respond to a phone call or emailed question inside 24 hours if possible. Open communication between you and your virtual assistant is the most vital ingredient to a successful partnership.

Delegating may seem overwhelming and more work initially however when you master the art of delegating and begin trusting that your Virtual Assistant can do the work for you, you can concentrate on what’s important and free up your time.

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