Important Tips for Contact Centers

5 essential tips for an effective contact centreTraining is not the answer (on its own)

Proper training should be conducted to uplift the performance in week or in a few months. New strategies should be implemented by the management or no progress. Team leader and the management must be present for training together with their team, and work with them in applying process changes.

Don’t let your best advisor become your worst team leader

In a best contact center, it is very common that a team leader will be promoted to manager. But without management training one cannot perform what is expected of them in their new role.

Welcome new starters to the workplace

In a contact center the role will be very hierarchy, with new team leaders and management. Lack of management training will cause a major problem which leads to past experiences on how they were treated before they had the position. It is important that all members of the team will be treated properly from the start.

Back to the floor

There is a great change in culture going on in best customer service support.  Business owners see the contact center as a profit center change their ways on how customer service is resourced and reported on. “Make sure your impression of your own business isn’t the same.”

Burn the scripts

In an organization where you have many thousands of interactions a day and a high proportion of new advisors it can be tempting to mandate scripts for your teams to use. It is good to have some guidelines on what needs to be discussed.

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