A Must Do in Looking for the Right Virtual Assistant

7-Tips-for-Hiring-a-Virtual-AssistantA Virtual Assistant or simply VA can help you in many ways for your business. It gets you the ability to work on other projects, save more time and effort and gives you time to go to a new venture because someone is doing the work on your behalf in a less expensive way. Though not all VA’s are really good, you just have to make sure you’re hiring the right VA to get things done for you. To make sure you’re getting the right candidate, here are some tips you need to consider.

Tip 1: Work on the Job Details

Before hiring a VA, you should know the tasks you’re going to ask the person to do. The hours that you need the person to work on a weekly basis must be specified; you have to specify also the kind of work the person will work on; Make sure the candidate is qualified for the job; Necessary equipment such as computers, internet, Skype, etc. must have to accomplish the task; and lastly, work ethics.

Tip 2: Consider Location and Budget

The good thing about hiring a VA is that difference in time zone does not generally matter. You both just have to agree that you’ll be able to meet online consistently to discuss things on a daily basis. When it comes to budget, of course, you need to have a certain budget to pay your assistant for doing the tasks you asked him or her to do.

Tip 3: Post Your Job Opening in the Best Places

Looking for the right VA candidate is tough, especially if it’s your first time. Since outsourcing industry is really growing nowadays, there already sites where you can post your job openings and other opportunities exclusively for the industry and some of the popular sites are oDEsk, Elance and Guru.

Tip 4: Weed through the Applications

Obviously, you’ll get a lot of applicants after posting the job opening. You must evaluate properly the cover letter, their background like previous job experiences and the sample task they’ve done from their past experience. Then contact only the candidates you think are the best fit for the job.

Tip 5: Conduct Interviews

Conducting interviews will truly help you know your prospective candidate more. One good tool to use for interviews is Skype where you can allow chat, video, call and send files. During this process, ask all necessary questions related to the person’s personality, work ethics, behavior, desired rate, availability and skills.

Tip 6: Discuss the work and Payment Process

It is very important to discuss the work and payment before starting to work. Both parties (VA and client) must agree on the price whether it’s an hourly or fixed–price basis. And both must set a fixed day and time to communicate and discuss whether it’s once or twice a week.

Tip 7: Start with a Small Project

It’s better to give tasks to your assistant one at a time, especially in the beginning. Let your assistant familiarize and get used to the task and once he or she is comfortable already, you can start giving him or her small projects. As time passes by, you can add more workload based on the performance.

Hiring the right virtual assistant can be really tough, but once these tips have been applied and you find the right candidate already, you’ll be able to save a lot time, money and effort. They will also help you succeed and grow faster.

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