Time Management Tips: Things to Consider in Outbound Telemarketing

^481F51B19EBAB443C3E419B83E78380DC17FD598FC99343636^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrThere are a lot of strategies in getting in touch with customers through telemarketing. From time to time, different approaches must be applied because your best strategy doesn’t always work the way it used to be. Here are some tips you must consider when doing outbound telemarketing or setting up appointments to save time.

Communicate with the Decision Maker

This is the most important thing to understand. During outbound telemarketing, you should contact directly the person in-charge or the decision maker. If you’re not dealing with the decision maker, you won’t be successful.

Directly Say the Point

During sales call, especially if it’s cold calling, don’t beat around the bush. Do not waste your prospect’s time by saying a lot of things and not directly stating the reason for your call. Introduce yourself and your company and tell your prospect what you do and why you’re calling them. Make sure to condition their mind in a positive mode.

Ask the Most Apposite Question

Just like step 2, do not waste your prospect’s time by not stating directly why you’re calling them. Ask questions related to the services you offer or the product that you’re selling. Ask how these products and services can be beneficial to them.

Arrange a Meeting

When you determine that the customer is a best fit for the service and you see that there’s an interest in his/her part, ask directly for the appointment. Once you’ve discovered that your prospect needs the service, it’s no longer necessary to keep on asking questions. Proceed to closing the sale.

Close Politely

When closing the sale, offer a date option for the appointment. If the customer is really interested, he/she will find a time to entertain you or fit into the scheduled time of appointment. Once you have the commitment from the customer, end the call politely and move on to the next call.

Outbound telemarketing may seem to sound so easy to do, but actually it’s not. However, if you follow these steps in your daily outbound telemarketing calls, you can easily determine the interested ones from the not interested prospects. You can save more time and can focus more on the calls with interested customers.

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