How to Reduce Excessive Stress in a Technical Service Support?

Five tips for reducing the stress of user support callsAs a technical service support, excessive stress can occur occasionally, especially with heavy workload/difficulties in finding solutions to an issue. Today, I would like to share tips on reducing immoderate stress on this type of job.

Never Permit Abuse

Imagine talking with irate customer just because of a simple problem. These customers are over-reacting and uses all manner of verbal abuse. There is never any excuse for this type of behavior from a customer. Although, you will have to win a support from higher management, it is advisable to establish policy that forbid verbal abuse to any support calls staff.

Set priorites

Though, for common business rules “First Come First Serve” basis, it’s not really good enough to implement in a support call environment. Most customers want their problem to be fixed “now”, therefore, we must prioritize by urgency. If a customer has a problem where she cannot proceed to his/her job, it should be considered as the highest priority, while if he/she bothers you with some more than 1 imaginary problem, then it should be placed in a very low priority.

Get Help Through a Manager

Getting help directly through the Manager can reduce the number of flip calls you will receive. Customers are a lot less likely to call about imaginary things when they know that they have to undergo through their boss to submit the request.

Have a Clear Policy

Setting a policy against an unprepared support can greatly reduce stress. They have to write all request help in an online form for manager to be able to advise easily.

Helpdesk Does Not Support Personal Electronics

One of the reasons that technical support staffs get stressed, is there are instances that they are asked to fix personal electronics which is not their job.

Stress is conventional, but excessive stress would eventually the productivity of your work and health. It is about how you deal with it to reduce your stress. I hope you find the above tips helpful as a technical support staff.

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