Tips for Successfully Outsourcing Web Development

JSCS - Outsourcing 10 Tips for Successfully Outsourcing Software DevelopmentOutsourcing is hiring or contracting another party to complete portions of work to reduce cost.

It is sometimes more affordable for corporate or entrepreneurs to hire an outsourcing company rather than using internal forces.

Here are some tips to successfully outsource your web development needs:

Hire a Professional
graphic designers which creates graphics, colors and fonts; website developers which takes the design and write the code to implement it.

Set Expectations

The outsourced service provider usually has their own goals and motivations.  The success of the project still rests with the buyer of the services.  It’s the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that the requirements are well defined and will be met.  It is always easy to blame the service provider, but the whole project can only be successful if the right expectations are in place from the beginning.

Effective Communication Plan

It is important that both parties have a periodic and systematic communication method to have an update on every stage of the development effort.  Use chat/IM or telephone calls to communicate real time, use web conference periodically for demos and presentations, and meet face-to-face if needed.

Trust but Verify

Trusting the service provider is easy.  The buyer already done a background check and have assured of the technical skills, but it is still the responsibility of the buyer to verify that the project is on time and on the right track.

Test for Quality

Testing for quality should be done by the client to assure that the specifications have been met.  Many companies have a separate department who has expertise with quality assurance.  It helps clients determine whether corrections or some revisions are needed before they get into the final product.

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