What to Look for an Offshore Provider?

Top-5-Risk-Mitigating,-ROI-Producing-Offshore-TipsTransparency and Client Entanglement

Transparency and client entanglement is very essential when you’re evaluating potential offshore partner. Transparency and Client entanglement means how your offshore partner opens the door between you as a client and their offshore team. There are times that they try to restrict your access to the offshore team. To know how to separate the sales pitch, you should ask questions such as:

  • Does the company encourage speaking to the people who will be working on your project?
  • How often can you speak with your offshore team?
  • Will an account manager be assigned, and will that person interact with your internal team?
  • Can you visit the offshore center in person?

You will be having a successful and satisfying offshore engagement when you as a client is freely involved in the project.

Tailored Services

Whether you need an offshore accounting service, look for a provider that offer this service as tailored. Tailored services mean that the services of the provider can adapt your needs and processes. One of the signs are they are willingly and taking an effort to know your business and create a tailored solution to your specific goals. You may ask for their previous clients to determine that the provider have well-addressed their business process.

Size of the Provider

To have a success with your project, find the right size of the offshore partner. If your partner is a large offshore provider, there are times that you cannot get a satisfying personal attention and customer services. An experience mid-sized offshore partner values beneficial relationships, and is more likely to offer flexible options and great customer service.

Exclusive On-Site Support

You will be facing a lot of challenges as you go along with your project. An offshore provider that is effective with these challenges is more likely to have solutions in place to manage them. Make sure to know what they do to provide support and how they beat these challenges.


When working with the offshore team, adjustments are difficult, especially when replacing or changing employee. When the old employee turnovers the work, efficiency decreases and the new employee will take time to ramp up. So look for a provider that can minimize this turnover to have a consistent success with your project.

To find out more about June Spring Contact Solutions, an offshore support provider, call us at (US) 408 600 2621 or (AU) 08 6102 5588. You may also check our website here. There is never any obligation until you have found the perfect solution for your business.

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