Data Entry : Dos and Don’ts

Productivity Tip Data Entry Dos and Don’tsThis article talks about on how to be productive doing data entry and the do’s and dont’s of such. Data entry is a very lengthy and tiresome work.  And this will offer a few helpful steps to make your  data entry productive.


  • Enough Data To Enter - It is very important that for every data entry that you’ve made there is enough information you have gathered to enter at each session. It could be frustrating if you have to stop what you’re doing just to search and look for data to be entered. It is best that before you begin doing data entry, ensure that you have  all the information needed, collect papers, files and notes.
  • Regularly Save Entered Data - It is very important to regularly save data enters because it helps guarantee that your work will indeed save.  There are also unexpected events which may occur during your working hours, such as , computer crashes and power outages which will can cause a loss of data.
  • Call Up Help - It is more productive to ask for a little assistance from others instead of doing it on your own. Consider enlisting the help of someone to do the task if you absolutely cannot stand data entry.


  • Wait Until The Last-Minute To Enter Data -Make it a point to enter data well in advance of your report in order to have a complete data to analyze because a database is only as good as the data that is entered. There’s nothing worse than having to run a report and find out the data isn’t there for you to analyze.
  • Enter Data When You Are Tired - It is really a big no-no if you enter data when you’re feeling tired, chances are there would be many mistakes. Therefore, it is essential to take a break and come back after you have recharged yourself in order to reduce the chance of entering incorrect data.
  • Ignore Duplicate Information - Repetitive data entry in database can be a red flag, which means you might have entered incorrect data which may alter your final results.

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