Outsourcing : 3 Steps for Managing Liability

Outsourcing : 3 Steps for Managing LiabilityBelow are the steps in handling liability in multi-sourced environments.

First, Have an Agreement

Documented agreements (Eg. contracts) obligate service providers to work together at an operational level. It should address end-to-end service levels, limits liability and governance mechanisms that allow service providers to meet and allocated financial responsibility for credits.

Have a Detailed Roles and Responsibilities

To ensure that each vendor works as efficiently as possible, it is important to have a clear definition and understanding of job roles and responsibilities and that’s where liability can be lessened. If the role is a virtual assistant, then the VA tasks (Eg. Data Entry, Calendar Management) should be the responsibilities.

Cooperate. Cooperate. Cooperate

For any projects, cooperation is a must. A project can be successful or fail, and it really depends on how both parties cooperate. When you have a cooperation-rich workplace, projects can get done more quickly and effectively. Moreover, when you establish a culture of cooperation, misunderstanding prevail and may even make the work enjoyable.

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