Guiding Principle in Working with Offshore Team

Guiding Principle in Working with Offshore TeamBeing part of the team on the other side of the world intensifies them. In what way you can withstand the interest of your new outsource team? Here are some things you must know about working with offshore team.

Having Different Time Zone Is Good

They can go along their development work, while you are sleeping. They can extend the work on the other side of the globe. Thus, of course it requires more coordination and processes. If it is effective then you can increase the time differential for an operation that runs night and day.

Build Relationship with the Outsourcer

Handle the outsource team as one of your own. Engage them in your business, your vision and plans. Update your team in the latest modifications in your project, in this way it can assist the offshore managers anticipate and better respond to the change.

Respect Each Other’s Culture

Every nation has its own customs and traditions. Get to know more your team, their communication styles and cultures. Make plans in advance to allow room to celebrate for religious holidays and other celebrations. It can get the team more open to each culture and custom if you’re mindful of your cultural differences.

Communication Remotely Is Expected

Working together on a project in the opposite side of the world, it’s impossible to have a face-to-face meeting. Your communication will be conference calls and exchanging of emails and you need to get used to it.

Communicate Clearly with Project Requirements

In your team, expected you’re working with different people around the globe with different languages. Don’t assume that everything you said is being understood and can be implemented in details. Make sure you use the different communication mediums you have and provide visual aids, charts, screen shots and diagrams for better understanding.

Give Compliments to Teammates

Everyone desires to be complimented even in little ways. Make time to celebrate success. They wanted to be recognized for their efforts. In your recognition, they will work harder if they can get a promotion or bonus.

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