Converting Good Customer Service into Better Sales

Converting Good Customer Service into Better SalesMarketing and customer service support are always believed of as two different departments, each minding their own part of the customer lifecycle. But they are more associated than you may think. In fact, many companies are looking confirmation that excellent customer service support can have a positive effect on conversions.

Treat Customers as a Friend

Always respond the nicest way possible. You need to tend to be nicer to people you’ve met in person. So when dealing with angry customers, the best way you can do is to keep the situation calm and just imagine that you’re only talking to your friend. Don’t try to argue with the customer that would only make the situation more difficult to handle.

Build Trust

You need to build a reputation for good customer service in order for them to trust you. For them to believe that you can take good care of their concerns properly. One way to build trust is that, use testimonials of your past customers and put it in your support page so that they can see it. Thus, customer presume that their problems will be answered with satisfaction.

FAQ Page’s Benefit

Give your customer a heads up about your products or services. Putting a frequently asked questions page on your site can help them save time because there’s no need for them to contact you, instead they will simply scan or scroll the FAQ page. Also, don’t forget to update your FAQ every time there’s a new concern that has been rising.

Use Predetermined Response

By using predetermined or canned replies can save you time. Every time you have a customer and then the concern are just the same with the previous one, there’s no need for you to rewrite all over again the response you had, instead uses the predetermined reply and simply personalized it using the name of the customer.

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