Data Entry Tips For Tax Firms

Data Entry Tips For Tax FirmsThe tax preparation industry needs to make the process more efficient and fast as possible. Thus, it is essential for any data entry firms find an alternative way to use software that will review the errors and maximize productivity. Not only it’s the way, but you may also consider these following tips to speed up data entry skil

Hot Keys:

Learn keyboard hot keys in the software so you are able to differentiate the progress you made without using the mouse, as they said, mouse is a time waster. The alternative way to speed up data entry is to learn keyboard hot keys, it will be more efficient.


Link- banks are used to clean up process before filing. Some tax preparers, uses shortcut keys to calculate and view the tax return. Aside from shortcut keys, there are also options on the software that will allow you to view or print before filing the tax return. The calculation screen must be present and must redirect you to the field question.


There are a series of commands and functions that allows you to use a combination of keys to accomplish certain tasks. You can access a list of macro keys in the program and allows you to edit existing macros.

Bonus Tip

You can right click anywhere on the screen to access a list of shortcuts. There are instructions in the software which you can actually ask for help for your data entry needs.

It is important to focus on the quality and the development to see where data entry skills lead you, considering helpful ways on how to speed it up.

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