Effects of Call Center Quality Monitoring

Effects of Call Center Quality MonitoringThe purpose of monitoring call centers is to make sure that the metrics of performance and the quality of service being handled by the customer service representative are carefully met. For any call center company, it is better to set up this kind of program so that the metrics and the feedback on customer service is effective.

The company can choose internal staff or hire someone from outside of the firm to do the monitoring. Even when a company has an internal department to monitor the center, but the one from the outside is preferred to the do the monitoring because they are discerned as specialist and objective.

There is a possibility that when the internal employee conducts the monitoring and the call center agents got a low score, they think its bias just because the manager is in favor with them. So, things like this must be avoided.

Process of Quality Monitoring

Develop a scorecard to measure subjective metrics.

It is used to get information from all collaborators and employees who will be handling the call.

Listen to live calls or to the recorded calls.

The assigned person to monitor the center can listen to live calls or recorded calls, so in this way there is also the scoring of how the call is being handled.

Score the call based on the scorecard at the beginning of the program.

The purpose of scorecard here is to see if the management is able to meet their goals and take proper action.

Data analysis of the scores.

This clearly tells how the management is doing, and what part of the customer service support is needed to improve.

Select a sample of calls to use to regulate your scoring.

This evaluates the same call and compare scores to make sure scoring is consistent.

Performance issues such as how quickly the agent responds to the caller, how it is handled and how is the call being resolved and how long they hold the call is also the basis of the metrics for monitoring. Quality issues that call center managers should remind agent’s courtesy and the ability to follow procedures.

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