How Call Center Agents Spent Their Time Behind Delivering Satisfying Customer Service

How Call Center Agents Spent Their Time Behind Delivering Satisfying Customer ServiceIt is not that easy working in a call center, in fact, it is a stressful work and has many challenges to face. Even if it is considered as one of the highest paid job, it is inevitable to play tricks around while on duty and some managers know about all of those sneaky things the agents are doing. Here are some of their sneaky tricks:

  1. 1.       Avoiding Calls While Queueing

The supervisors present in each shift can evidently determine these actions made by agents while they are on the duty. They can’t fool supervisors because they already have analyzed the pattern. It can be effortlessly tracked if agents are trying to avoid incoming calls when they are setting their status into idle for the longest time. The best way to spot agents doing these is to view their status logs which you suspect and try to determine the patterns wherein it is easy to see.

  1. 2.       Hanging up Without Terminating the Calls

There are cases that after the closing script, the caller just hangs up on the other line and then disappears. As an agent, the standard is to hit the terminate call button and wait for the queued incoming calls. But, others just sit there for a while, not minding the calls to come in because it hangs.  When it is time for call recordings evaluation, you can easily spot agents who are doing secret tricks while on duty.

  1. 3.       Common Toilet Breaks

Call center life has scheduled break time in which you need to follow. But, issues during toilet breaks, makes sense for the supervisors. The call of nature which they spent on the toilet too long, will unfortunately create an issue due to loss of revenue. Whenever they leave their station for any reasons, it affects the economic state of the contact center.

  1. 4.       Monitored Through Logs

The supervisors have no way of actually knowing which calls need after-call work and which are not. But, it will never arouse suspicion when you pause for about two minutes or less will work. The agents will be monitored through internet logs, emails or call recordings are the effective way to spot agents doing these or maybe surprise them to do the monitoring.

  1. 5.       Forwarding Technical Issues to IT Department

There are many kinds of IT problems which includes: software used in handling calls, headset issues, and monitor’s screen is not usable or some minor issues in which we consider as catch up excuse just to get a few minutes off the phones. The following technical issues will be forwarded to the IT department so it will be resolved not spending much time for agents to troubleshoot issues themselves.

For sure, there are a lot of reasons why some agents playing around while delivering customer service in which they only knew it themselves. But, in a work ethic, it is not advisable to do all those actions because working on line of customer service will really need your attention, time and the ability to resolve customer issues on time.

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