How to Avoid Bad Customer Service Experience

How to Avoid Bad Customer Service ExperienceThe contact center is the center for managing customer requests. They contribute to the company’s success in many ways by reinforcing the company’s brand to increase customer loyalty. If the contact center is managed well, the agents need to take care of various calls each day and maintain the quality of conversations with customers. There are assessments conducted specifically for the agents to monitor their performance on how their relationship with the customer is going. The customer experienced in the company will reflect to the practices of the contact center, so there are certain things to avoid in taking good care of the customers.

Unnecessary long waiting time

Asking customers to hold them on the other line creates a bad impression of the contact center and it displeases them. This could lead your customers to stop the conversation and never call back. Remember that customer’s time is always valuable, therefore, learn to reduce time on hold on each call. Agents should deal with the customer properly and manage the allocated time to solve customer inquiries so that they can deliver the service at the right time.

Asking repetitive customer inquiries                                                                                    

This gives a bad impression to the customer. Asking unnecessary question or asking the same information they already provided really annoys them. This is a bit challenging to the agents. So, to avoid this scenario, agents should focus in dealing with the customer and be able to resolve the issue. Bad customer service support will affect the growth of the company and this problem must be resolved through training and monitoring the agents.

Unfriendly towards the Customer

Being proactive and friendly is one of those key delivering customer experience. Developing advanced strategies and adopting innovative new technologies could help the agent meet customer expectation. For example, by using software that will give a complete information on each call. In this case, we can avoid asking repetitive customer concerns as the technology uses, thus it can help strengthen customer relationship through enthusiastic approach.

Don’t call customers who do not prefer voice contact

Some customers don’t like to talk on the phone and you cannot force them. They prefer live chats because they can get help without feeling uneasy. Another way, is that customers prefer to voice out their opinions on social media.

Not using supportive phrases

To avoid the customer to be angry in your conversation, be polite in asking questions to them. Also, it is important to support every detail you asked to the customer. The following are some common phrases:

“Can you please repeat your info again?”

“Just go to our website”

“That’s not my department”

Be polite, friendly and patient to your customer even if they are angry. Picking out the right words to the customer can ease their temper.

Ending the call while query is not resolved

This is really irritating. There might be a situation where the agents were not able to answer the query as well. Agents are using their tool to search for answers, but somehow it takes much time because of the not user friendly interfaces. To that end, contact centers should upgrade their applications in order to expedite the process of problem resolution.

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