5 Customer Service Strategies for 2017

5 Customer Service Strategies for 2017The perfect time for improvement throughout the whole year starts now.

The year 2016 offers more exciting development across organizations that declare the importance of customer service. With technology and its critical role in customer service is believed to be growing this year especially on call center companies.

  1. Pay attention to the Small Data

Small data can have the significant impact on the delivery of best customer service support. It is great to know the relationship of these data. Although big data take the substantial chunks of information being produced into actionable results, however small data is derived directly from the immediate interactions with the customers. Their relationship helps leverage information that leads to wise business decisions and greater level of customer service.

2. Strategy Beyond Technology

In terms of engagement, technology plays a vital role in creating a multi-channel approach where the customers had to access online chats, email and more. Brands needs to have a goal where it is not just about technology, but a commitment to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The technology used to fill some rift of customer service, however, investments in beyond technology approach are tending to be successful in the coming years.

3. Automate the Process

Automation of processes can actually help in saving time and costs, thus it helps to improve the relationship between the company and customer. Setting up automated routing generates a high prospect of reaching the proper agent. You could also use email systems to automate responses can be effective in resolving simple service issues. It is the most convenient and cost efficient means of communication but they are not yet efficient in achieving all the advantage of direct person to person interaction. But, it is better to deal with those real persons rather that a chat bot to make it more emphatic.

4. Internet of Things (IoT) Connected Consumer

Lack of consumer awareness complicates in solving Internet of Things (IoT) related issues, therefore, the setting up of different metrics can help the customers satisfied with the service.

To engage with new service models, the company should venture into larger investments as a support to IoT.

5. Email Support As Channels for Customers

Using email for contact center support is considered as the fastest form of communication that connects with the customers. Using email support service gives the customer a convenient time of communication, in addition to that it this channel of serving to the customers is trusted and proven that this gives a professional approach of resolving various customer issues. The email and chat support outsourcing, builds a user-friendly channel to the customers regardless of its costs.

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